How To Use The Pelvic Clock

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Author: Nick Ortego is the owner of N 2 Action, a wellness studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offering personal training, health coaching, yoga, and assisted stretching.
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Video Transcript:
Hey it’s Nick Ortego here. I’m gonna
show you how to use this new toy that
I’ve been playing with. It’s called the
pelvic clock. It’s basically a little
dome that you place under your pelvis.
There’s an indention.
It’s about the same shape as the human
sacrum. You place this right under the
sacrum or the base of the spine where the pelvis is. And then you can perform
circular motions and rocking motions
with this underneath your pelvis. So the
way you do it is place it directly at
the sacrum. If you find your tailbone
that’s a little too low. Above the
tailbone but below the lower back, that’s
about where your sacrum is. You want to
have the the narrow end down going
towards the foot side of your body like
this. You lie down on your back. lift
your hips up. Find the placement about
right there. So from here I can do small
little pelvic motions. I can tilt it
to the six o’clock position. The six
o’clock would be in that way just
pretending that I have a clock behind my
hips. I can tilt it to the 12 o’clock
position. Tilting the pelvis back. I can
also tilt the pelvis to the left and to
the right into the three o’clock and
nine o’clock positions. I want to be very
careful that I’m only moving my pelvis.
Not just rolling my whole body around
with the legs and everything. It’s just
everything else stays flat on the floor
and I’m only tilting the pelvis
Once you’ve mastered the control of
these three. six, nine, and twelve o’clock
positions, you can do a circular motion
pretending that you’re going around the
clock clockwise and counter clockwise.
The benefit of this: it just gets all
these little muscles around your lower
back engaged in fine control of your
pelvis. Really good if you feel like your
pelvic motion is uneven if you’ve had SI
issues and one side just seems to move
better than the other. This can be a good
way to wake up the movement and just
learn where your movement is more
restricted and where you may need to
mobilize things. Give that a try. I’ve
enjoyed it and clients who have really
felt a good benefit from this thing. I’m
going to put a link in the description
where you can get it. Full disclosure I’m
not affiliated with them in any way. I
just like it. If you’ve got any benefit
from this video then leave a comment
below. If you’d like to get more of
content that’s not available on the blog
or the regular YouTube channel, then
click the link connected to this video,
you’ll have a chance to sign up for the Run Better Now VIP Club

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