Baton Rouge Personal Trainers Reviews

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Olga Peterson: Great place. All the trainers are great and certified too. The classes are worth it too if you don’t need/want one-on-one training. I’ve been training with Nick for over two years and everyone I’ve recommend him to has loved training with Nick. 

Pam Shaver: Nick is great. Working with him changed my life! Increased my fitness, changed my diet, and losing weight. Plus, he’s just a super guy! Give yourself the gift of health for Christmas. It’s so worth it. 

Wanda Donovan: Nick is GREAT!!! I had daily chronic lower back pain for several years but after working with Nick for several months the pain is gone!
Do yourself a favor and let Nick help you!

Karin Simmons: Nick Ortego is a great trainer and I particularly love his FST program. He approaches fitness in a holistic way — recognizing that you must address the body as a whole, not just part by part. His approach is to keep the body well physically, mentally and spiritually. He’s a no nonsense guy with a lot of common sense. I really have enjoyed working with him for over five years!

Melissa Kinchen: As a personal trainer, Nick is an educator, a motivator, and a committed professional. He does a great job making each training session new and fun, and he keeps me focused on the goals I set for myself – best gift I’ve ever given myself was a training package with Nick. A++

Sarah Jones Romero: Nick is an amazing trainer! I’ve been training with him for a year and a half, and would recommend him to anyone. He has helped me improve all around with his focus on increasing strength PLUS maintaining healthly lifestyle changes. He can help you be a better you!

Brooke Attaway: Nick is extremely knowledgable and passionate about creating real changes for his clients. You’re guaranteed to learn something that will improve your wellbeing. Your body will thank you.

Lucas Huntington: I’ve been exercising and running with Nick for about a year now, and it’s one of the best decisions I made for my health and fitness.

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