Fascial Stretch Therapy

Does every movement you perform feel absolutely awesome? If not, then FST (Fasical Stretch Therapy) can help you feel lighter and move easier.

Your fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds, connects, and encases all of your tissues. The fascia of your muscle, or myofascia, is what tends to restrict or inhibit movement when you lack flexibility, and that’s why we focus on it in FST, Fasical Stretch Therapy. The best way to experience how it works is to follow the exercise in the video below.



Offering Fascial Stretch Therapy in Baton Rouge

Nick Ortego is a Level 1 Certified in Fascial Stretch Therapist by the Stretch to Win Institute. He offers fascial stretch therapy in Baton Rouge.

For an initial consultation to find out if fascial stretch therapy is right for you,  Contact Us

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