How To Be Sure Your Glutes Are Working Properly

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Author: Nick Ortego is the owner of N 2 Action, a wellness studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offering personal training, health coaching, yoga, and assisted stretching.
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Video Transcript:
Hey it’s Nick Ortego here. I’m gonna
show you how to activate your glutes
when you’re performing the movement we
know as hip extension. That’s when
you’re pushing your leg back behind your
body. A very common muscular imbalance is
that the glutes are inhibited. They’re
under active and it leads to a lot of
problems having to do with poor
performance and injuries. Lay
down on your stomach in prone position.
Raise your hands in front of your
forehead and your forehead down on your
knuckles like this. Let’s take a couple
of breaths into your belly before you
start. Just to relax everything. From
here, you’re gonna squeeze your left
glute and then raise your left leg to
one inch high. Then back down and
squeeze your right glute and raise your
right leg about one inch. A lot of times
when you see if the glutes are under
active and the hip flexors are tight, what
we’re gonna see is when the leg Rises,
there’s a lot of pelvis rotation and
lower back extension. What we’re trying
to do is first engage the primary
extensor, which is the glutes. First
engage the glutes and then lift the
whole leg up where the knee comes up
about one inch or more. Only lift the leg
so far as you can without causing the
lower back to hyperextend or the pelvis
to rotate. It’s very key there that you only
lift the leg a little and only
accomplish the movement by moving the
hip joint and not rotating the pelvis or
hyper extending the spine. Give that a
try. A good method is to go
for about a minute or 90 seconds or do a
certain number of reps on each leg,
usually higher repetitions because we’re
trying to send that signal and really
just activate the glutes by lifting just
the weight of your leg and really firing
the glutes before the movement happens.
Just to ensure that the glutes are
accomplishing the movement and the
movement is purely at the hip and not at
the lower back or the pelvis. Give that
try. Got any benefit from it let me
know by leaving a comment below, or if
you have any questions leave a question.
Also if you’d like to get more content
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