How To Use The DCT Proflex: Resisted Dorsiflexion

In this post:

  • strengthen the anterior tibialis to prevent shin splints.
  • how to use the DCT Proflex.

Author: Nick Ortego is the owner of N 2 Action, a wellness studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offering personal training, health coaching, yoga, and assisted stretching.
Also find more on the Nick Ortego Fitness YouTube Channel

Hey it’s Nick Ortego here. I’m gonna
show you how to use this thing. It’s
called the DCT pro flex. To do some
resisted dorsiflexion to strengthen up
the anterior tibialis muscles. Muscles on
the front side of the shin there. So the
best way that I’ve found to strengthen
those muscles is with this thing that’s
called the DCT pro flex. I’m going to
leave a link in the description where
you can get one of these. But the
attachments hook on your foot like a
boot. They can be turned around so your
foot can be with the toes on this side
and the heel on this side. That way
you can use these straps to pull and get
leverage for a calf stretch or an ankle
range of motion exercise. And the other
way you can use is to turn everything
around these straps. These
harnesses. The boot mechanism can turn
around, detach turn around and go back in
the other way. And in that way you’ll
have your toes coming out of the short
end so it looks like this. From there,
pull this strap over, tighten it up and
there you go. So I have leverage
to be able to pull my ankle into plantar
flexion, and then I can resist with
dorsiflexion. You can use this for a
stretch by just pulling and pointing
your toes or you can use it for
strengthening. That’s what I’ll show
you. I found a lot of people, not many
people need to really stretch, not many
people really need to stretch this
muscle. It’s more of a need for
strengthening with most people. You might
be different so have that checked out by
a good PT or corrective exercise trainer.
So from here toes are pointed and then
what I’m going to do just pull my toes
back and then apply resistance with
these bands. So I’m pulling on these
bands on these straps and then I’m
pulling my toes back and forth. I’m
giving constant resistance. The
muscles in the front of my shin have to
contract against the resistance I’m
giving with my arms and the resistance
I’m giving with my arms is being
multiplied by the leverage of this
machine. So what I recommend to start
with is a few sets of ten to twelve.
Really just pulling the toes back and
then giving only enough, only enough
release of your resistance where you can
get the toes to pull back. Then
really cranking on it on the negative.
You’re pointing your
toes under control you’re really pulling
that hard with your arms. Be honest with
yourself. Give yourself as much
resistance as you can handle. What I’ve
found is this is a really good way to
strengthen those muscles. You have so
much leverage that you can use to put a
load on those muscles. Start with just
one set. Don’t do too many don’t
do too much volume when you start out. It
can be get really sore. You got any
benefit from this video? Then leave a
comment below. If you’d like to get more
content not available on the blog or the
regular youtube channel, then click the
link connected to this video you have a
chance to sign up for the Run Better Now
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