How to Measure Your Level of Stress

Heart Rate Variability is a way to measure the impact of all the various life stresses on our bodies.  Because the central nervous system governs the heart rate, precise monitoring and measurement tells us how stressed the body is.

Modern smart phones and heart rate monitors make it possible to measure heart rate variability yourself. There are several apps available. Here is the one I use.

Each morning after measuring, it gives you a readout like this:


Or this:


Based on this reading I can tell whether to go hard or focus on stimulating the relaxation response that day.


Know When You’re Good to Go

Author: Nick Ortego is a health coach specializing in biohacking for runners. He integrates modern methods with the ancient wisdom of yoga to help runners get the most out of every aspect of life. He is the owner of N 2 Action, a wellness studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offering personal training, health coaching, yoga, and fascial stretch therapy.