Bodyweight Air Squat With Glute Activation

In this post:

Hey it’s Nick Ortego here. I’m going
to show you how to do air squats with
enhanced glute activation, without any
extra equipment. The way that we do it:
get a little bit wider than shoulder
width stance. Feet could be parallel or
angled out a little bit from there I
want you to ground into both the heels
and the forefoot and then push your legs
out as if you’re trying to spread the
ground apart. As if there’s a crack in
the ground right between your
legs and you’re trying to spread the
ground apart. So you apply force that way
push the knees out let the hips sink
while you’re continuing to push the feet
and the knees out. It looks like this and
I’m pushing out as I push it up and from
the side it looks like this. The heels
stay grounded. I’m using a push of
the heels, pushing the heels down as I
push the legs out to come up. Trying to
keep the torso as upright as I can.
Trying to sink as deep as I can into the
squat. When you’re doing the air squat
you don’t have to worry so much about
keeping your spine upright because
there’s no compressive load going
through the spine like you would with
weight across your shoulders, If you were
squating with weight across your
shoulders. Give that a try.
You got any benefit from this, leave a
comment below. You like to get more
content not available on the blog or the
regular YouTube channel, then click the
link that’s connected to this video,
you’ll have a chance to sign up for the
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Author: Nick Ortego is the owner of N 2 Action, a wellness studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offering personal training, health coaching, yoga, and assisted stretching.
Also find more on the Nick Ortego Fitness YouTube Channel

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