Lat Stretch In Doorway

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Hey it’s Nick Ortego here. I’m gonna show
you how to use a doorway to stretch out
your lats. What you want to do is find a
doorway. Stand adjacent to the doorway
this way. Reach one arm up and over grab
the inside edge. Take your other hand and
push this hand. Pushing my body away.
I’m stretching the lats here I’m using
the bottom arm to push away try to hold
that stretch for five breaths. You can do
it on both sides, using the other side of
the door frame. Here using my bottom
hand this hand, push. Trying to stand at a
90 degree angle
to the doorway, perpendicular. Five
breaths each side, give that a try.
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Author: Nick Ortego is the owner of N 2 Action, a wellness studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offering personal training, health coaching, yoga, and assisted stretching.
Also find more on the Nick Ortego Fitness YouTube Channel

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