How To Exercise With A Baby: Squats

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Ready? Are you ready? You're getting
excited? You're ready to show these
people how to workout with your baby?
Hi Nick Ortego here. I'm going to show
you how to do squats with a baby. Good
way to get a workout in, playtime in at
the same time. So what you want to do is
just grab your baby. One hand goes
underneath the bottom. Other hand goes in
front of the belly. Then breathe in and
go down and down and up down and up down
and up. From the side it looks like this.
See my feet stay flat, my hips go back.
You want to be able to do basic
bodyweight squat before you do with the
baby. I'm going to link to to a video
that shows you how to do that. But it's
tons of fun. Babies love it. Tell them how
much you love it baby girl. So if you got
any benefit from this video and you want
to get extra content not available on
the video, then click the link that's
connected to this video you'll have a
chance to sign up for the Run Better Now
VIP club.

Author: Nick Ortego is the owner of N 2 Action, a wellness studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offering personal training, health coaching, yoga, and assisted stretching.
Also find more on the Nick Ortego Fitness YouTube Channel

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