Sand Bag Rotational Swing Exercise

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Nick Ortego is a health coach specializing in biohacking for runners. He integrates modern methods with the ancient wisdom of yoga to help runners get the most out of every aspect of life. He is the owner of N 2 Action, a wellness studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offering personal training, health coaching, yoga, and fascial stretch therapy.
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Video Transcript:
Hey it’s Nick Ortego here. I’m going
to show you how to do a rotational swing
with the sandbag. The sandbag that I’m
using is an ultimate sandbag. It has
handles on it that make it easy to grip
but it also has flaps on the side that
are not so easy. They give you the
conventional grip strength that you get
from using a sandbag for training. So
this rotational swing, you’re gonna start
at a slow speed and pick up speed
once you hone in your technique. The key
here is to have really good posture and
keep the upper spine, the thoracic spine,
the part of your spine that’s even with
the ribcage, keep it fully extended. When
the upper spine is fully extended you
can get a really good complete rotation
When you get that complete rotation
in the upper spine you keep stress off
of the lower spine. Also your hips will
turn a little bit too. I’m going to use
the outside flaps. I wanna work on the
grip strength. Feet are about shoulder
distance apart and I’m just going to
take a breath in and swing it back this
way. And exhale. Each time I go into
rotation, I’m exhaling so it’s like this.
Keeping good posture, turning the hips
and the shoulders, minimizing the turn. By
keeping my posture good, I’m minimizing
the turn in the lumbar spine a little.
Lumbar spine is not meant for too much
rotation only a few degrees at each
segment. Upper spine is meant
for rotation. The hips, those are meant
for rotation. Holding everything tight in
the lower abdominals and bracing the
core as I’m rotating back and forth.
Great for the golf swing, great for the
counter rotation of the torso while
you’re running, great for performance,
great for a conditioning drill. If you do
that for 30 seconds to a minute non-stop
with it high power output and a lot of
speed you will increase your
conditioning in an interval fashion. If you get any
benefit from this video, leave me a
comment below. If you’d like to get
content not available on the blog or the
regular YouTube channel, then click the
link connected to this video you have a
chance to sign up for the Run Better Now
VIP club.

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