Should I Take Vitamin D?

In this post:

  • how to know if you should take supplemental vitamin D.
  • the “sweet spot” for vitamin D blood levels.

Author: Nick Ortego is the owner of N 2 Action, a wellness studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offering personal training, health coaching, yoga, and assisted stretching.
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Hi Nick Ortego here today. I’m
answering the question: Should I take

vitamin D? The best way to know if you should
take vitamin D is to have your levels

tested, your blood levels tested. You can
do that through your doctor. The doctor

can order that test and you’ll get your
blood work back. You can also order it

yourself. I’m gonna put a link in the
description to a place online where you

can order that test and have the blood
drawn locally. It’s about sixty dollars

to get your vitamin D tested, or if you
want to have your doctor do it and your

insurance may cover it as part of like a
regular checkup. But anyway you want to

get your levels tested. That’s how you
know for sure should I take vitamin D.

Having inadequate levels of vitamin D
can lead to a lot of health problems.

If they’re very low it can interfere with
bone formation about a thousand

different genes in your twenty four
thousand or so genes in your human body

rely on vitamin D to activate them. So
it’s involved in a lot of different

processes. The level you want to shoot
for, the sweet spot for vitamin D levels,

is between 40 and 60 nano grams per

That’s a millionth of a gram so it’s a
very small unit. What’s been shown in

studies to take most adults up to at
least 30 nano grams per milliliter is

4,000 units a day. That may or may not be
true for you. That’s just a study with

most adults getting their levels up to
30 nanograms per milliliter with 4,000

units a day of supplementation. There are
a lot of factors that can change how you

turn sunlight into vitamin D and there
are a lot of factors in how your body

processes it, so testing is the best way
to know also if you do have adequate

levels. If you
have your vitamin D in that sweet spot

between 40 and 60 there’s no benefit to
bumping it up above 60. There’s actually

some detriment. So if you look at the
whole population the people in the 40 to

60 range of vitamin D have the lowest
all cause mortality and then those that

are far below that range have higher
mortality and those above that range the

80 to 100 or so have increased risk of
mortality, so the sweet spot seems to be

40 to 60. You can get your levels tested
with Wellness FX. I’m going to put

the link and the description of this
video I’m also gonna link to a very

simple and informative infographic from
FoundMyFitness, Rhonda Patrick. There’s

this great blog called FoundMyFitness. It
has a lot more info on the specifics of

how vitamin D does all these things in
your body, but the easiest ways to know

is just get tested. Otherwise you’re just
making a guesswork.

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