Motivation, Like Showering, Is Not Permanent: Practice It Daily

We are exposed to so much negative information daily throughout our entire lives. This exposure can program our minds into conditioned patterns of negative thinking. As we repeat these negative patterns, they become so ingrained that we are not even aware of them. But the same process works with positive thinking. Find information that lifts your spirits and motivates you. Read, watch and listen to positive, inspiring and motivating things. Expose yourself to positivity as frequently as possible. Instead of focusing on the depravity of the latest senseless crime on the news, notice the good people all around you performing acts of kindness. Instead of hating your body, marvel at the wonder of being in charge of such a sophisticated machine.

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Nick Ortego is a health coach specializing in biohacking for runners. He integrates modern methods with the ancient wisdom of yoga to help runners get the most out of every aspect of life. He is the owner of N 2 Action, a wellness studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offering personal training, health coaching, yoga, and fascial stretch therapy.

2 thoughts on “Motivation, Like Showering, Is Not Permanent: Practice It Daily

  1. I love this analogy. Every day we are exposed to different conflicts and emotions that affect our motivation. It is something that must be intentional every single day. As intentional as stepping into the shower!


    1. Yes. Otherwise we let our hard wired negativity bias dominate. We have negativity bias for a reason, survival in a hunter gatherer environment. We were not always at the top of the food chain. However, in modern time we often let the tendencies that were meant to increase our survival undermine our success and happiness. How many times have we all had the stress, or “flight or fight” response when our lives were not in danger.


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